The Team

Akimoto Akira

Akimoto Akira is the lead programmer of this team, with more than 47 years of experience in computer science. He claims to have built an AI in which he will soon transfer his mind.

Maruko Ishizawa

Maruko Ishizawa is the sound designer and music composer. She spends nights and days manipulating heavy synthesizers to produce virtually any kind of resonant atmosphere. She is also Akimoto’s daughter.

Angela C. Jones

Angela C. Jones worked in the field of robotics where she was in charge of designing machines that equals human physical capabilities. She left for the video game industry where “there is more money and less ethics”

She works as animator and she everything she has access to.
Yaroslavtseva Antonovna

Yaroslavtseva Antonovna is the lead artist 3D. When asked if she can model she answered “of course are you blind?”. She comes from Slovakia where she met Akimoto in a hostel.

Sadly Akimoto does not exist.
All these faces are computer generated. As a kind of introvert i don’t talk much about myself, i had to fill this page with a convincing story.

anthony undreiner